пряка демокрация (direct democracy)

пряка демокрация (direct democracy)

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ГЛАВНА (ново броене след 60 000:)
 България - на гражданите й! Кой ако не ти и кога ако не сега? Европа - на гражданите й !

 Слабостите на демокрацията се лекуват с повече демокрация. Т. Джеферсън
(и лъже-демокрацията се брани с повече лъже-демокрация)

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 Ние гражданите казваме на управляващите какво да правят, не те на нас. Ние гражданите сме шофьорът, а правителството – автомобила. И ние решаваме къде, по кой път и с каква скорост да се движи той. Прощална реч на президента Рейгън, 1989
(We the People tell the government what to do, it doesn’t tell us. We the people are the driver — the government is the car. And we decide where it should go, and by what route, and how fast. 1989 farewell address of President Ronald Reagan

Fight against freedom is old and crafty.

Direct democracy (DD) is an instrument of public freedom. As all other instruments of freedom it's attacked by the foes of democracy not only directly but also by flooding the 'market' with cramped ‘editions’ of DD
Exposing fake DD 'ducks' requires open public debate and not surprisingly great pains are taken to control and actually
close public debate so that 'ducks' are sold easily and reaching wider consent on collective action for real DD rights be more difficult. So we have to break the monoplies and any other forms of private control on public communication. To get DD elsewhere we first need it in the media and the Net.

Next, we should be aware that in different places and time different sets of DD rights might be needed to produce real control on public power, incl. the 'forth' one. Real control is actually the aim - not just any set of DD rights but the one that shall give us real public freedom. In any case real control is not feasible without DD rights - that's the "universal suffarage" of the 21st century - the main point and next circle of widening of public freedom.

In post-communist Bulgaria we need much stronger DD rights – at least for a period of time because the citizenry is too weak after 20 years of bloodsucking by the very state, actually privatized by the comrades' gang. In our swamp full of crocodiles ONLY A FULL SET of DD rights will do - in all the powers + a parallel network of General Assamblies ready for jont action when the 'powers' and/or our DD rights wouldn't work.
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